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30 jul, 2012

ningbo city drug administration guo zhendong deputy director to zhejiang guangci company field research

to help enterprises, to solve the difficulties of enterprises, april 23 afternoon, ningbo city food and drug administration guo juchang to zhejiang guangci medical devices co., ltd. field xu first thanked the company for its long-term concern and support, and reported the company's current operating conditions and transformation and upgrading and intends to form a "oral planting syste ...

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15 mar, 2012

spine posterior fixation device tool kit and other five products to complete the re-registration work

according to the "medical device registration management requirements" requirements, the company on february 16 to complete the spinal posterior internal fixation device tool package, external fixation tool kit, goose head holder tool kit, pressure screw tool kit, orthopedics with intramedullary nail tools package 5 products re-registration work. registration code were "zhejiang yong food and drug ...

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15 mar, 2012

zj cnc pressure tourniquet to complete the re - registration work

march 2, the company successfully completed zj cnc pressure tourniquet re-registration work, registration number is "zhejiang yong food and drug supervision (quasi) word 2012 no. 1540014".zj-type cnc pneumatic tourniquet since the registration in 1997, there has been no product quality problems. currently in the shanghai sixth people's hospital, shanghai changzheng hospital, wenji second hospital ...

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13 feb, 2012

cixi bureau of shen jingda deputy secretary to my company on-site research and development status quo

on the afternoon of february 13, cixi food and drug administration, shen shida, deputy director of the company to the company's business management and development of the status quo on-site leaders to report to the deputy director of the "medical equipment gmp" normative activities and the next step in the enterprise management, technology research and development, product marketi ...

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